Valmiera Development Agency

Valmiera Development Agency main aim is to provide growth of Valmiera city by business and industrial development with attraction of new businesses, as well as the creation of new jobs. Valmiera Development Agency tasks are supporting and cooperating organization of events for businesses and educational institutions, as well as research, development and innovation pilot project realization. No less important is the asset of the resources available and the use of infrastructure, as well as targeted actions to promote human resources in attracting and retaining the city.


  • to ensure implementation of activities and events for promotion of career education, adult education and rise of qualification;
  • to encourage implementation of professional, higher, lifelong and non-formal education programs according the needs of market and industries;
  • to foster the mutual cooperation among educational institutions and cooperation with entrepreneurs;
  • to promote the attraction and retention of human resources in the municipality;
  • to provide the infrastructure for knowledge and technology transfer / acquisition;
  • to promote and develop ongoing partnerships between business and local government;
  • to promote continuous improvement of business environment and development;
  • to promote the industrial development of the city;
  • to provide support measures and projects for businesses, educational institutions and mutual cooperation;
  • to conduct researches for improvement of Agency’s performance.

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