Project “Automation tools for creative industries AutoRade”

Project name:

Project “Automation tools for creative industries AutoRade”

Project number:


Project programme:

“Growth and employment” 8.2.3 specific support objective “Ensure better management in higher education institutions”. On October 26, 2022, the Limited Liability Company “School of Economics and Culture” and the Central Finance and Contracts Agency (CFCA) signed contract no. on the implementation of the ESF project “Automation tools for creative industries AutoRade”.

Project implementation period:

14 months from 31.10.2022 until 31.12.2023

Leading partner of the project:

School of Economics and Culture

Project partners:

School of Economics and Culture;
University of Latvia;
Transport and Telecommunication Institute;
Rezekne Academy of Technology;
Vidzeme University;
Liepaja University;
Digital Accelerator of Latvia;
Ventspils High Technology Park;
Valmiera Development Agency.

Project budget:

The total funding of the project is EUR 1 682 157,84, of which: – ESF financing is 85% of eligible expenses (EUR 1 429,834,16); – state budget financing is 15% of eligible expenses (EUR 252 323,68).

Project acronym:


Purpose of the project:

The aim of the project is to introduce digitalization initiatives that will promote the study process based on modern, innovative solutions in creative industries. In order to improve the quality of studies, new, automated IT solutions will be developed and implemented, which will improve the quality of teaching in universities, the digital skills of students and strengthen the digital capacity of universities, by developing and implementing innovative digital technological solutions in the study process, in the analysis of learning results and in the operation of universities, including developing and implementing inter-institutional cooperation and sharing solutions for creative sectors.

Main activities of the project:

 – Development, adaptation and implementation of content, methods and technologies for students’ acquisition of digital skills, improving existing and developing new B and C courses/modules in seven priority topics for creative industries for learning automation tools in creative industries and art study programs in Latvian universities;
– Creation/improvement of laboratories in 7 priority topics to strengthen the digital capacity of universities and ensure the connection of study processes with digital technologies used in creative industries;
– Development or improvement of 9 digital solutions and platforms for strengthening the digital capacity of universities and providing digitized study courses;
– Communication and publicity activities for the introduced digitization initiatives;
– Project management and implementation.


– Six Latvian universities will receive support from the European Social Fund for the implementation of digitalization initiatives in order to promote a modern study process based on innovative technological solutions;
– In 7 priority topics, new courses will be created or existing courses will be adapted, which will be integrated into the study process at universities;
– 9 digital solutions and platforms for education and partner cooperation will be developed;
– Universities will get new teaching equipment.

Kontaktpersona Valmieras Attīstības aģentūrā:

Unda Blaumane, Valmieras koprades darbnīcas DARE vadītāja
+ 371 28355828;

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