Circular Economy makerspace

The Circular Economy Makerspace project brings together users of shared and collaborative spaces, promotes the circular economy, and fosters the development of sustainable products. Over the course of 27 months, the project aims to enhance and refine the operations of at least 5 out of 40 makerspaces, making them more environmentally friendly. This will be achieved through various activities involving the community, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts from the maker community.

Project name:

Circular Economy makerspace

Project number:


Project programme:

The project is implemented under the Central Baltic Programme 2021-2027

Project Implementation Period:


Project Partnership:

Valmiera County Council (Latvia)

Foundation „Ventspils High Technology Park” (Latvia)

Valmiera Development Agency (Latvia)

Kaunas Science and Technology Park (Lithuania)

Lithuanian Innovation Centre (Lithuania)

Creator Makerspace (Norway)

Maker (Denmark)

Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau (Germany)

Lead Partner:

Valmiera County Council

The goal of the project:

The specific objective is to form a consortium of the Baltic sea region makerspaces to cooperate in the field of eco-design and material reuse, as well as to further develop a digital circular collaboration tool that boosts maker and supplier cooperation in the field of the circular economy.

Project Acronym:

Circular spaces

Project Budget Summary:

The total budget of the project is 1 718 431,30 euros, including 77% of the program funding in the amount of 1 316 647,94 euros. Total contribution from partners is 401,783.36 EUR.

Main activities of the project:

Physically improving and piloting makerspaces with new circular equipment and activities

Creating and piloting a digital circular collaboration tool to boosts maker and supplier cooperation in the field of the circular economy

Preparing and piloting circularity education programs

Evaluating and transferring all solutions to other Baltic Sea region makerspaces

Dissemination of the project results on the national and international level

Project results:

At least 15% of Baltic Sea region maker spaces apply circular economy principles

At least 300 makers/start-ups trained and involved in the production of more circular products

At least 5 circular business ideas piloted

Contact person at Valmiera Development Agency:

Ilze Eglaja, the leading expert of the project, e-mail:, T. +371 26180733

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