Creative Social Entrepreneurship in the Baltic Sea Region


Swedish Institute Baltic Sea Cooperation (Seed funding)

Project number:


Project total budget:

Implementation time:


Purpose the of the project:

The overall aim is to define common opportunities for supporting creative social entrepreneurship and develop cross border social trade between partnering countries, for new applications.

Challenges that the project solves:

A common interest for the partnership is to see growth of the creative business sector in regard to social entrepreneurship. Global trends show the growing impact of creative entrepreneurship. With growing concern about social inclusion issues and employment risk groups, a new trend has developed – the creative social entrepreneurship. The creative social enterprise means making profits that are in turn reinvested in the social enterprise-sector, which in turn benefit people and contribute to different social activities. All three partners see great opportunities for both general growth and solving social issues by creating support systems for the CSE-sector.

Project activities and results:

Short-term project objective


Expected output(s)

Social trade model, cross-border

Theoretical model(s) conceptualised

New application

Knowledge sharing – support tools for creative social entrepreneurship

Shared knowledge about Impact hub, counselling models, (social) innovation systems, local examples, methods for social inclusion, financing etc. 

Mobilising new cross-governance partners at local, regional and national level for new application. 

Ecosystem of support

Theoretical model conceptualised

Mapped oversight of beneficial tools to be included in the support ecosystem for CSE-sector – for stakeholders and new applications.

Knowledge sharing – Legal frameworks

Analysing legal differences between partnering countries, and respective connected challenges for Social entrepreneurship

 Mapped oversight of legal challenges with proposals for ways of improvement – for stakeholders and new applications.

The role of Valmiera Development Agency in the project:

This project is the first initiative on creative social entrepreneurship in Latvia and would
definitely complement the efforts of the Social Entrepreneurship Association of Latvia in
developing and promoting the overall social enterprise ecosystem in Latvia.


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